Slaa : I won’t run away from TZ

Sunday September 6 2015

Former Chadema Secretary General Willibrod

Former Chadema Secretary General Willibrod Slaa. 

By Henry Mwangonde

Dar es Salaam. Former Chadema Secretary General Willibrod Slaa has said he will run away from Tanzania as claimed by many people.

He said he has the right to move and live anywhere he prefers for security reasons.In a live interview with Azam TV on Friday night, Dr Slaa said he wanted Chadema officials and all those he accused to come out in public and answer all charges he made against them.

That was responding to claims that he is being protected by state agents and has been used by CCM to weaken the opposition.

Dr Slaa denied claims that he has been receiving a salary from Chadema and that he has also been residing in a house that was bought by the party until the day he announced his retirement from politics.

He claimed he had not signed any document with Chadema since he wrote his resignation letter on July 27.

The claims were levelled to him by Chadema lawyer Tundu Lissu in an interview with the Voice of America soon after Dr Slaa’s news conference on Tuesday.

Mr Lissu said Dr Slaa had been using party resources.

“In short, Mr Lissu made the statement harphazardly because it is his responsibility as lawyer to verify anything before he makes a statement to the public,” Dr Slaa said.

He said he was surprised that most of the issues that he raised in his news conference had not been answered and yet those responsible were giving wrong statements.

On claims that he met East African Cooperation minister Harrison Mwakyembe before addressing the media, Dr Slaa said there was no reason for someone to question why he met the minister since he wanted to get information on what he wanted to speak especially on the Richmond saga considering that the latter headed the parliamentary committee that probed the matter.

On Tuesday, Dr Slaa told the press that he was quitting politics following a misunderstanding with his fellow party officials over the nomination of former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa as its presidential candidate ahead of the General Election on October 25.

However, he insisted that he would continue speaking for Tanzanians and would not be silenced.

He dismissed Mr Lowassa as unfit for the presidency, alleging that he was involved in the Richmond scandal.

He said Ukawa and Chadema had no agenda.