Stage set for Tanzanian’s swimming debut in UK

Sunday November 18 2018


By Majuto Omary @majutoy2k

Dar es Salaam. After joining St Felix School in the United Kingdom for studies and training in swimming, Tanzania’s up and coming swimmer Dennis Mhini today competes in his first swimming event at the London Aquatic Centre.

Dennis has been included in St Felix School Swimming Club in the Essa Championships with other St Felix Swimming Club swimmers. Dennis has so far shown good improvement since he joined the St Felix School Swimming Club following his best records while in Tanzania and got the scholarship.

Speaking with The Citizen over the phone, Dennis said he was targeting to do well in the event and continue to impress the swimming coaches.

“I hope to do well in the event. Since it is my first time to feature for the school, it is a golden chance for me. It’ll gauge the skills I gained during this short period,” said Dennis.

Denni’s mother Bhoke Mhini said her son had started to enjoy a new life in school and swimming in London. Bhoke said it was not easy to leave Dennis alone at the school, but with company from Tanzania swimmers Collins Saliboko, Maia Tumiotto and Sonia he got used to the environment.

“I’m happy to see that Dennis has been included in the St Felix swimming squad in just a few days. This shows that he is flexible to change and can get along well with the others. It is his debut competition in London and we hope he will do the best for himself and for our country,” said Bhoke.

Christopher Fitzpatrick is also studying and undergoing swimming training at St Felix, but he is in Sudan representing Tanzania in the Cana Zone Three Championships.

Other swimmers who are now in St Felix are Smriti Gorkan, Chichi Zengeni, and Marin de Villard. The swimmers are from Dar es Salaam Swimming Club (DSC).

The swimmers train and swim for St Felix, which is under famous trainer, Sue Purchase. The trainer made a visit to Tanzania and met with the swimmers’ parents before leaving for England.