Swimmers take Open tourney by storm

Monday September 24 2018

By Majuto Omary @majutoy2k momary@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. Natalia Ladha has taken the national open swimming tournament taking place in Dar es Salaam by storm after breaking two records.
The event saw the up-and-coming swimmer break records, which had lasted since 2014 after being set by top female Dar e Salaam Swimming Club (DSC) swimmer Sonia Tumiotto.
Natalia alias Samaki, managed to break  200m Individual Medley (IM) record after clocking 2.46.05 to beat  Sonia’s 2.47.62 that was set in 2014.
Natalia also broke the 200m backstroke record set by Sonia in 2014 after recording 1.19.63. Sonia recorded 2.19.81. Also in the list of swimmers who broke records is Carter Helsby of Mwanza Swimming Club (MSC) who clocked 10.17.19 in 800 metres freestyle to erase the record set by prominent swimmer Hilal Hilal of Taliss who set it in 2013 after clocking 10.19.45.
Also Taliss-Ist first swimmer Izabelle Powell broke Smriti Gokarn’s record with  a time a time of 31.64.
Smriti, who represents DSC, set the record last year with a time of 31.84 in butterfly. Also in the list was Aravin Raghavendran of Taliss-Ist who broke the record set by Judah Miller of MSC in the 50 metre butterfly with a time of 34.00. Miller clocked 35.18 last year.
Bluefins swimmer, Isaac Mukani set a new record in the 50 metre butterfly event for swimmers aged nine years after clocking 38.58 to replace the record set by Isam Sepetu in 2015 who clocked 39.82.
Maya Somaiya of DSC also broke a record set by Angelica Spence (1.24.94) last year after clocking 1.22.31 in 100 metres backstroke.  In the list also is Sydney Hardeman of Taliss-Ist who broke Natalia Ladha’s record set last year with 37.97 in 50 metre butterfly. Sydney clocked 37.38.
A total of  123 swimmers aged from nine years old to above 14 yesterday locked horns for top honours in the national open swimming championships at the International School of Tanganyika (IST) Upanga swimming pool. Among the swimmers, 56 were female while 67 are males.
The swimmers competed in the 762 individual entries and 37 different relays to make the total of 799 entries from nine clubs.
According to records from Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) secretary general, Inviolata Itatiro, eight clubs featured in the event sponsored by Pepsi and International School of Tanganyika (IST)
The clubs are Taliss-Ist which has fielded 42 swimmers, among them, 20 are male and 22 are female.  
The swimmers will compete in 268 individual entries and 10 in relays. Bluefins and Morogoro International School (Mis Piranhas) each have fielded 22 swimmers in the event.
As Bluefins compete in 162 individual entries and six relays, Mis Piranhas will take part in 90 individual entries and eight relays.  Dar es Salaam Swimming Club (DSC) are fielding 20 swimmers, 11 female and nine male. The swimmers compete in 134 individual entries and 10 relays.
Up-and-coming club, Champion Rise, is fielding eight swimmers, one female and seven male. The swimmers compete in 27 individual categories and one as a relay while Mwanza Swimming Club is represented by five swimmers. They are one female and four males who competed in 47 individual entries and two relays’.
Also in the list of clubs is FK Blue Marlins which was represented by two female swimmers who competed in 20 entries and International School of Moshi (ISM), which fielded two male swimmers who featured 14 entries. The swimmers competed in the five swimming styles namely; Individual Medley (IM), Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke and Butterfly in an event where the World swimming governing body (FINA) rules were applied.