Stakeholders call for establishment of more schools

Sunday November 19 2017

By Stephano Simbeye @TheCitizenTz

Mbozi. Government and other stakeholders in Songwe Region have been asked to continue establishing school in remote areas as a way of reducing congestion.

Speaking on November 18 at the launch of a report conducted in 2015 by the Uwezo organization, stakeholders noted that for the teaching efficient to bear its fruits, pupils:teacher ratio must be improved.

They noted that many teachers fail to unleash their potential currently because they are teaching classes which sometimes have more than 200 pupils making it hard for them to reach all of them thoroughly.

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The survey by Uwezo aimed at establishing whether pupils were indeed learning. It also targeted to know whether there was equality in learning. The launch took place at the Southern Garden Hall in Vwawa, Mbozi Ditrict.

A teacher from Ichenjezya Primary School, Mr Atusajile Kauka, suggested that for the pupils to learn effectively, infrastructures like classrooms ahould be improved and many more to be built dso as to reduce congestion.

“If a teacher is tasked to a class with at least 40 pupils, it will be easy for him or her to reach all pupils and ensure that they learn,” he said noting that the current situation in many schools, especially in rural areas, was not conducive.

Speaking before the launch, Uwezo coordinator who also works with Elimisha organization, Mr Francis Sitojo, said in their study they established that 47 percent of standard seven pupils could not manage to solve standard two mathematics questions.

Besides that, Mr Sitojo said 26 percent of the standard seven pupils failed to read a standard two Kiswahili story while 80 percent of them failed to read a standard two English story.