TRL: We are working hard to repair railway swept by floods

Sunday January 21 2018

By Juma Mtanda @TheCitizenTz

Morogoro. The Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL) is working day and night to repair part of the railway between Dodoma and Morogoro regions that was damaged by floods due to ongoing rains.

Speaking at Mkadage area in Kilosa District, the TRL chief engineer, Mr Nelsoni Ntego said areas near Mkondoa River were the ones most affected by the disaster.

“Mpwapwa area in Dodoma Region is yet another place that was seriously affected by floods and we are working hard to ensure that we bring the services to normalcy,” he said.

Due to the destruction, TRL has suspended its passenger coach trips between Dar es Salaam and upcountry destinations, noting however that technicians were tirelessly working to restore the situation.

The task, he said, was however being challenged by the ongoing rains.

Ms Esther John, a resident of Kilosa said floods have destroyed her rice farm, varnishing dreams that she would yield handsome harvest during this agricultural season.

“What has happened has left me speechless. Dreams that I will be harvesting in the few coming months have evaporated,” she said.

Mr Juma Mlangi, a petty trader in the area said infrastructure destruction has created complicated business environment in Kilosa and neighboring villages.

“People are now using bicycles to shift commodities from Kilosa to nearby villages, a move that raise prices of commodities. We ask the government to speed up repairs and reinstatement of the railway,” he said.