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Tanga Port sees increase in gas imports

Saturday December 8 2018

By George Sembony @TheCitizenTz news@tz.nationmedia.com

Tanga. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) imports through the Tanga Port have been growing steadily since 2016, Tanga Port manager Percival Salama has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with this paper Mr Salama said that LPG cargo grew drastically from 3,011.105 metric tonnes (MT) in 2015/16 to 18,515.211 in the following year. “So far, the port has handled a total of 51,011.98 MT of LPG products cargo since the first imports by Lake Gas Ltd,” he said.

The manager pointed out that the port has facilities to handle petroleum oil products and LPG, which include two Conventional Buoy Moorings (CBMs), one for refined petroleum oil products and the other for LPG.

He said the facility is designed to handle LPG tankers of up to 120 metres Length Overall (LOA) with draught not exceeding 5.6 metres.

“Initially LPG tankers were arriving with only 1,000 MT of gas. Nowadays, LPG tankers are arriving with up to 3,000 MT of LPG.

He further explained that the Lake Gas LPG receiving facilities ashore are designed with the capacity of 2 x 500 tonne bullet tanks making the total capacity of 1,000 MT. In addition to handling LPG, the CBM facility has another six inch pipeline for Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO.

He revealed that the first tanker loaded with 3,907.77 MT of HFO destined for Rwanda, MT Sea Duck anchored on August 6, this year. The HFO was discharged at the TSN Oil Depot at Chumvini are, along the Tanga Mombasa Highway.

The Tanga Port has, generally, benefitted from the success of the bulk system of importation (BPS) of petroleum products through the Dar es Salaam port since 2011. The government decided to use Tanga [ort as the second entry point option for petroleum products under the system effective from 2015.