Big names in music industry cannot perform live

Sunday February 11 2018


By Salome Gregory @TheCitizenTZ

Zanzibar. A number of local artistes do not routinely engage themselves in live performances, a development that discourages them from taking part in Sauti za Busara.

The Sauti za Busara event, which is currently being held here, is a 100 per cent live performance show.

"For a couple of years at the Sauti za Busara, we have been receiving few applicants from Tanzania just because they are not equipped with the relevant skills for them to perform live," the event manager, Mr Ramadhan said earlier today.

An afro soul singer and songwriter from Tanzania, Grace Matata shared similar sentiments.

Grace, whose music is a unique blend of Swahili soul, R&B and jazz, said the music industry in Tanzania is facing a number of challenges associated with channels of music distribution and the inability of artistes to perform live.

"If I am to list the names of those who can perform live in Tanzania’s music industry, you will be surprised that a majority of the big names that you know cannot make it to the list,” she said.

Today (Sunday) is the last day of the 15th edition of the festival themed United in Music.