Govt faults district on Nyamagana renovation

Saturday December 14 2013

By The Citizen Reporter

Dodoma. Delay by Nyamagana District to react to a project proposal forwarded by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), is the main hindrance to plans of upgrading the Nyamagana Stadium in Mwanza.

The Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports said here yesterday that some $618,000 is needed to upgrade the stadium located in the centre of Mwanza City.

Elaborating, the ministry noted that the International Football Federation (Fifa) has agreed to provide $500,000 whereby Nyamagana Municipality is supposed to come up with $118,000 in order to fully finance the project.

Among other plans, the upgrading would see the stadium fitted with artificial turf, the ministry said.

TFF has already drawn a project proposal which has been forwarded to Nyamagana District authorities whose consent is awaited to enable the financiers to proceed with the process of releasing the funds.

The ministry said this when responding to a question from Richard Ndassa (Sumve – CCM) who wanted to know why the plan to face-lift the stadium has been delayed.


However, it is understood that there is controversy over the project with some people within Mwanza City gunning for the area to be turned into a business centre and not a stadium.

But last September the Mwanza regional commissioner’s office pledged its support to plans to upgrade the stadium, including plans to fit it with artificial turf.

Mwanza Regional Commissioner Evarist Ndikilo, who was accompanied by the city’s mayor Stanslaus Mabula, confirmed to the then Tanzania Football Federation’s president, Leodegar Tenga, that the authorities will give a boost by contributing the needed $118,000.

Fifa has agreed to support the project under its Goal Project IV.

The RC made the pledge when he, alongside the Mwanza City mayor and city director, Hida Hassan, visited the TFF offices in Dar es Salaam.

They jointly confirmed that they will be able to organise fund raising to attain the pledged sum by mid next month.