TBL pours Sh400m for canoeing event

Thursday October 17 2013

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) through its beer Balimi Extra Lager has poured Sh400 million to sponsor this year canoeing competition designed for Lake Zone regions athletes.

Speaking yesterday, TBL Marketing Manager, Fimbo Butallah said that the purpose of using huge money is to develop the game in the zone which has been staged for 14 years in its history.

Butallah said the amount would be used to facilitate the competition from the start and will use Sh24 millions to award the winners. He said another amount would be used to cover competition expenses including promotions.

He said that they are regarding that the competition is an avenue for Lake Zone residents due to the fact that it influences crowd of people.

“This competition is to remind us of our culture and protect it from becoming extinct. It is also an avenue for people from different cultures to meet, get acquainted and enjoy together, and this helps to strengthen peace and love between us as peace is the most important pillar in our nation” said Butallah. According to Butallah, this year’s event will feature five famous Lake Zone regions namely Kigoma, Bukoba, Mwanza, Ukerewe and Musoma. The event will start on Saturday in Kigoma and follow the above series. Each winner in every town will compete in the grand finale in Mwanza early December.

The regional winner in each category will get Sh900,000 while the first runner up will pocket Sh700,000 and the second runner up Sh500,000. The fourth Sh400,000 and fifth to 10th Sh250,000 each.


In female category, the regional winner will get Sh700,000 while the first runner up will pocket Sh600,000 and the second runner up Sh400,000. The fourth Sh300,000 and fifth to 10th Sh200,000 each.

Prizes for zone are Sh2.7million for winner in male category while the second, third and fourth will be awarded Sh2.3m, Sh1.7m and Sh900,000 respectively. The sixth to 10th will each pocket Sh400,000. In female category, the winner will get Sh2.3m, while the second, third and fourth will be awraded Sh1.7m, Sh900,000 and Sh700,000. The sixth to 10th will each pocket Sh250,000.