Why we’re in a dilemma

Saturday May 4 2019

Earlier this week, there was a story by Fox News that went viral on social networks about a 25-year-old woman who lost her ovaries, uterus and toes after her IUD [intra-uterine device] forced its way up into her stomach and migrated over to her liver and she said her faith in God has helped her recover.

Reading such news and many other information available among our social networks just puts a woman in a dilemma on opting for a right family planning method.

Last week Woman Magazine ran a story on a parent who is debunking various myths on family planning by using an injectable method for his sexually active daughters.

The story received a lot of positive and negative feedback.

Majority of the comments were from women who questioned on a safe contraception method.

In some communities, terms such as “contraception”, “condom” and “child spacing” are considered bizarre intrusions on cultural integrity and therefore no-go areas.

Several myths, misconceptions still hold back many women to continue or decide on family planning.

There’s a dilemma that exists in the society on the right method to go for.

The women we interviewed in this week’s story revealed that rumours about contraceptives are spread by and among women themselves, often through their informal social networks.

Young women who were interviewed rarely mentioned health providers as sources of information on contraception; rather, their main sources were peers and community members.

Indeed, the social networks often served as the primary influence on decisions regarding use of contraception. But how do we break the chain of dilemma?