Marriage brewed in big brother Africa

Friday July 3 2015

By Hazeez Balogun

When Elizabeth Gupta and Nigeria’s Kevin Chuwang got married in 2011 not many believed that the marriage would last.

It has been four years now and there is no sign that they are about to call it quits.

It became a trend setter as Africa was to see more marriages brewed from the reality TV Big Brother Africa.

Four years later there are four couples who live as husband and wife; that is not to mention other relationships that are still going on.

Blamed for all the different reasons that range from nudity, adult scenes to alcohol abuse, BBA remains as the biggest reality TV show.

What makes the 90-day-show exciting is that after a while, the housemates start to develop relationships amongst themselves.


The intrigues and intricacies of these affairs make good television content and keep viewers glued to the screen.

Unfortunately, these relationships made in Big Brother House are usually short-lived and they end in the house.

However, there are a few who take their love outside the house and into the real world. Some even go as far as tying the knot in the long run.

A week ago ‘controversial’ ex-Big Brother couple Pokello Nare and Elikem Kumordzie, tied the knot. The couple had their traditional union with family and friends in attendance in Harare, Zimbabwe.

And just like other relationships the road to the altar was not a smooth one for the two; after taking part in the Big Brother show three years ago, they had maintained the relationship they started in the house.

Each of them lives in a different region of the continent. Pokello lives in Zimbabwe while Elikem had been busy as an actor in his country Ghana.

Not even the story that Elikem was cheating on Pokello with an older lady called Gloria Lamptey could stop them.

“I had an affair with Gloria Lamptey for four years before Big Brother. I tried to start a new life with Pokello but it seems my past won’t allow.”

Their union marks the fourth marriage by housemates in Big Brother. Nigeria’s Kevin Chuwang, who won the 2009 Big Brother Revolution, got married to Tanzania’s Elizabeth Gupta who were both from the Revolution edition.

Mwisho Mwampamba’s marriage to Namibia’s Meryl was the second after the two had met on the All Star edition in 2010.

The two made history after they became the first BBA couple to get engaged in the house. They later got married and now have a baby girl.

Also married are South Africa’s Quinn Sieber and Mozambique’s Jennifer Mussanhane, from the BBA 4 in 2010.

Philbert Okure, who represented Uganda in Big Brother Revolution, did not marry Liziwe Coka, the South African housemate from the same show but they also have a baby together.

Speaking with two relationship experts they explain why Big Brother relationships can lead to marriage.

“When a man and a woman are forced to stay in an enclosure for a long period of time, romantic feelings can be induced. Whether it is real or not is debatable,” says one relationship expert.

She adds: But from experience it will take more than that period of confinement for both parties to make the relationship work outside the restriction era. Even though the days of confinement have given the couple the rare opportunity of close observations of their inherent flaws and strengths, the relationship still has to be subjected to the dynamism of a free world to distill its true substance. That is when the true worth of what they feel for each other can be classified.”

According to Samuel Agunbiade it makes sense that a few of the Big Brother housemates will eventually marry each other.

“From the beginning of the show, let’s say they have had 200 housemates all together. Four couples emerge. That is just four percent of the number of house mates. These are people from age 20 to say 35, these are ages people get married.”

He adds: The places they would meet their spouses is limited, and Big Brother house is just one of them. So it is just probability and nothing more. If the percentage was like 20 percent of even 15 percent, then we can agree that something special is going on in the Big Brother House.

Additional notes

by Paul Owere