Africa here I come, says Ruth Maingi

Friday June 5 2015

Ruth Maingi the lead actress in Mama Duka in a

Ruth Maingi the lead actress in Mama Duka in a picture with Minister for Information, youth culture and sports Dr Fenella Mukangara(centre) with her mangers Prince Richard from Ghana during the Tanzania Film Awards. PHOTO| Paul Owere 

By Paul Owere

Who is Ruth Maingi? 

She is a focused, dedicated, passionate, family oriented, smart working actor, dancer and stylist who continue to thrive by God’s Grace.


Was acting a childhood dream or something that you met somewhere along the road? 

Absolutely. It has always been a childhood dream from kindergarten where I performed regularly for my school through to high school and today the I am still living my dream. Thank God.


 After scoring considerable success with ‘Mama Duka’ and ‘Lies that Bind’ what next in terms of acting?

 I want to grow as an actor and explore different avenues in acting and collaborate with other actors across the continent because I believe it is through such collaborations that I can reach a larger audience and market.


Should your fans expect something new in the near future?  

Definitely, I hope to be under a new management soon, work in different countries in unusual roles and improve my skills via attending acting school.

 You were at the Tafa awards two weeks ago what was your take of the awards.  The awards were great in many aspects and it was good to see the government being involved and in support  total of the film industry.


While in Dar you were seen with Ghana’s Prince Richard who once managed Kanumba could this be a sign that something big is in the pipeline?

I will be featuring in a continental film to be shot in West Africa in August. In this film I will work with actors such as Adjetey Anang, Ama K, Majid, Mercy Johnson, Zack Orji and some actors from Bongo films. I hope to sign a deal with his management company TNA LLC soon.    I would also like to use this opportunity to thank the Tanzanian actors for a warm reception during my visit in Dar es Salaam.


Mama Duka won an award in the 2014 AMVCA how has this galvanized your position as an actress in Kenya and Africa in general? 

Being the lead actor in the series, it has given me recognition and I have been able to secure more juicy roles after the award. I have to thank my executive producer Njoki Muhoho for believing in me and granting me the opportunity.


What professional experiences do you think has been gratifying on your part?

It has given me an opportunity to meet and work with people on a bigger platform.   Throughout my journey I have learnt that humility and networking is key progress in this field. 


You were in Dar a couple of weeks ago what do you think is the problem with the film industry in East Africa?    

There are myriad of issues that are dragging the industry and on top of the list are; lack of Unity among the actors,    the unprofessional attitude, and lack of business management skills.  Lack of corporate sponsorship and need for more support from the government is another that film makers have to deal with in comparison to other places such as Nigeria.


 How do you compare the industry in Kenya with the Tanzanian situation?

Tanzania has support from the government and the audiences appreciate and adore their film stars. They are way ahead in production and distribution as compared to Kenya, and it is no wonder that Tanzania is placed favorably at the top of the rankings in Africa after Nigeria.