Chidi Benz in hot water, again

Friday January 12 2018


        Rashidi Makwiro, famously known as Chidi Benz, is facing another spat with the police. News circulated online regarding the rapper’s latest arrest in the country’s capital. It was later revealed that Chidi Benz, along with other suspects was arrested in December last year following allegations of possession of heroine. Dodoma Chief of Police, Gilles Muroto said the artiste, together with his accomplices, are being held by police. He named other suspects by the names Godfrey Nyadzi, Maisha club (Dodoma) finance manager, Rajabu Ally and Mariam Lema who are business personnel. The Police Officer said that the suspects were apprehended along Makole in Dodoma at 12 noom on December 30 last year by police patrol on duty that day. “We are still continuing with investigation, once investigation is done, they’ll be arraigned in court,” he said.

Chidi Benz has fallen from grace, once a respected and admired artiste in Tanzania’s music scene, he is now a shadow of his former self, involved in one scandal after another – all related to drugs.