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Dear Readers,
Thank you for visiting Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) websites and for taking the time to comment on our articles.
It really is quite remarkable how you’re all taking to the relative freedom of the Web to share your thoughts.
We’re honoured you’ve chosen ; and as your platforms.
To keep that exchange of ideas going, we must all adhere to a few basic rules:
1.    BEHAVE: Please be courteous. If you can't be polite, do not say anything. No expletives. No hate speech or defamation. Breach this and we’ll simply bin your comments.

2.    THEME: Confine your comments to what’s being talked about. Try not to veer off topic. No personal attacks. Do not threaten or bully anyone. Don’t be nasty.

3.    DO NOT SHOUT: We won’t publish posts THAT ARE IN ALL CAPS. However, feel free to sprinkle a few CAPS in your comments for emphasis.

4.    PROMO: Our comment boxes aren’t some sort of free advertising space. Whoever’s posting links to personal/sales websites, please don’t.

5.    LANGUAGE:Go with the flow. Kiswahili is the primary language of conversation on and We’ll only allow English-language comments on

MCL wants to encourage healthy debate on its websites and social media pages. We want you chatting; sharing; telling us exactly what you think.

So please, play fair and never hold back.
Keep talking!
Victor Amani, Web Editor

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