A cleric wants rapists, student’s impregnators castrated

Sunday June 30 2019

By Godfrey Kahango @TheCitizenTZ News@tz.nationmedia.com

Mbeya. The assistant imam for Mbeya regional mosque, Sheikh Hassan Katanga said clerics will take their proposal to President Magufuli demanding that rapists and people who will be convicted for impregnating schoolgirls should be castrated.

He said the proposal come after clerics have been satisfied that the current punishments of 30-years or life imprisonment issued to convicts were unsatisfactory.

Sheikh Katanga made the statement at the weekend at the Field Force Unit (FFU) Grounds here during the commemorations of the Day for the African Child 2019.

He said incidents of rape, defilement; sodomy and pregnancy to schoolgirl were on the increase in the society because of unsatisfactory punishment to the convicts.

“We consider taking the matter to the head of state because we belief castrating the convicts will permanently solve the problem,” he said.

He said serving 30 years jail term or life imprisonment added burden to Tanzania taxpayers, because it is their monies that will provide all services in prison.


“This is unacceptable for persons who have destroyed our children, the proposed punishment will serve as a lesson to others,” he said.

Mbeya regional police commander Ulrich Matei attributed increased incidents of rape, defilement and violence against children to superstition beliefs as perpetrators were looking for wealth.

“These incidents are on the increase in the region, but police will not them for granted. Superstitious beliefs immensely contribute to increased violence against children because traditional healers deceive their clients that by committing such crime they will get rich,” he said.

A nurse at the Mbeya University of Science and Technology a (Must), Ms Shida Kadodo said parents and guardians should play significant roles to protect their children against violence.

“We shouldn’t allow the children to sleep with other people including uncles, brothers and even their father. Let us increase our intimacy to children and spare some time with them instead of leaving the responsibility to house maids,” she said.

The police gender desk head in Mbeya Urban district, Ms Veronica Ponera said the guardians and parents remained the main challenge to reducing violence against children because of hiding information on incidents against children.

“Most of them have been choosing settle such cases outside the court because majority of perpetrators are close family members,” he said.