President John Magufuli beats property declaration deadline

Monday December 30 2019

President John Magufuli

President John Magufuli 

By Louis Kolumbia @Collouis1999

Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli yesterday handed over to the Ethics Secretariat forms indicating his assets and liabilities two days before tomorrow’s deadline for doing so.

In the event, the secretariat reminded public leaders who had not handed in their forms to do so before the deadline.

The secretariat’s commissioner, Judge (rtd) Harold Nsekela, warned that there would be serious consequences for those who would not meet the constitutional and legal demand for timely submission of assets and liabilities declaration forms.

He made the remarks after receiving President Magufuli’s declaration forms.

However, the Head of State did not hand over the forms in person as he was in his home town of Chato in Geita Region for the end-of-the-year holidays. The forms were filed with the secretariat by his private secretary.

“He (private secretary) drove from Chato yesterday evening to Mwanza where he took a flight to Dar es Salaam in order to submit the president’s property declaration forms. Therefore, I once again thank the President,” he said.


Speaking during the live televised event, Judge Nsekela said those who haven’t submitted their declaration forms have until Tuesday to do so.

This is happening when it was announced during Christmas in Dodoma by Judge Nsekela that 11,330 - 87 percent - of public leaders have not yet returned their assets and liabilities declarations to the secretariat.

“They shouldn’t poh-pooh the directives because it is a legal and constitutional requirement,” he said, adding. “I know what will happen to those who will miss the deadline because the law is absolute clear. on that I’m not ready to be made accountable for their negligence.”

Speaking on the exercise, he said article 132 (5) (b) of the Union constitution requires holders of public office to make formal declaration of their income, assets and liabilities from time to time. Also, he said Section 9 (1) of the Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act, 1995 provides for same.

The law requires that every public leader - except where the Constitution or any other written law provides otherwise - declares assets and liabilities by submitting to the commissioner the declaration form within 30 days after taking office, at the end of each year and at the end of terms of office.

“Therefore, the president has submitted his declaration forms to meet demands of the law and constitution. I thank him for submitting the declaration containing his earnings, assets and liabilities,” he said.

Section 4 of the Act describes a public leader as ‘any person holding public office, including the president of the United Republic of Tanzania who is the country’s first and foremost public leader.