Babati Town Council chair removed from his position

Wednesday February 13 2019

By Joseph Lyimo @TheCitizenTZ

Babati. The full council meeting of the Babati Town Council in Manyara Region has stripped Mohamed Kibiki (Chadema) of his position as chairman of the council for allegedly failing to fulfill his responsibilities.

Kibiki has been removed after votes were casted in the full council meeting, whereby out of 12 votes casted, eight were against him while eight others accepted him.

Babati Urban MP Pauline Gekul (CCM) has reiterated that the chairman has been removed from his position after failing to lead the council properly.

Gekul clarified that the former council chairman was facing various accusations and the town full council meeting decided to remove him through the ballot box after having no faith in him.

He explained that it was not necessary for chairman of the council to lead for full five years without being removed, saying the council’s regulations allowed them to do so if it was deemed the council’s chair had bleached his position.

"We wrote a letter to the council director, who then sent information to the regional commissioner, whereby a probe team was formed and discovered his wrongdoing. So, we have removed him through the ballot box, whereby eight votes were against him while eight others accepted him," said Gekul.


He said over 60 record books on the revenue of the council had gone missing and that whenever they directed a follow-up to be made on the matter Kibiki defended those responsible and as a result the council’s money got lost.

However, Kibiki confirmed his removal from the position, but was not in a position to make a statement about the accusations that caused him to be sacked.

The director of the Babati Town Council, Fortunatus Fwema, also confirmed the removal of Kibiki from the position of chairman of the council.

"We are in the process of holding another election to fill the position, after informing the relevant political parties about vying for the position," said Fwema.