Clearing agents take a hit as manufacturers of baby diapers smile in new budget

Friday June 14 2019


By Gadiosa Lamtey gadiosa2

Dar es Salaam. The government has today in the new budget that was presented in Parliament proposed a new mechanism of clearing  cargo at the Dar es Salaam Port that will allow ordinary  to clear their goods without the necessity of using the clearing and forwarding Agents.

Speaking in Parliament today, Thursday June 13 the finance minister Dr Philipo Mpango said the new arrangement process will not involve cargo in Transit.

“The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) will develop a comprehensive system to enable citizens to free their cargos at a more cost-effective way and without delay,” said the minister.

The new arrangement according to the minister will also not involve cargo that is leaving the country.  

And in another development Dr Mpango proposed the reduction of customs duty from 10 per cent to zero on raw materials used in the production of baby diapers in the country for one year.

He, however, imposed 25 percent customs duty on imported baby diapers saying all this was meant to spur industrial growth and increase government revenues.


He said the move is expected to reduce the cost of production, increase employment and government revenue.

“It is also the expectation of the government that the beneficiaries of these tax exemptions will produce these vital products for the health of children and sell them at cheap price so that most Tanzanians can afford them,” he said