Technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI) a new exciting experience to smartphones.

Friday March 29 2019

By Josephine Christopher @JocfineQ

Dar es Salaam. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most recent developments in mobile phone technology that has taken the world by storm, unfortunately in the local market not many know how it operates.

This week Infinix Mobility an electronic company launched the Infinix Zero 6, as the successor to the Zero 5 that came out in November 2017.

The company public relations officer Ms Aisha Karupa said the phone’s camera has been installed with the AI to make the photos looks original and of high quality.

According to her the new development was installed because the company believes in sustaining intelligent, bold and stylish lifestyles for its consumers.

“This camera has been impacted with AI technology on its camera to enable produce picture quality that  satisfies today’s world where photography is a key element,” she said .

She added:  It’s a fact that not everyone who desires professional pictures can afford to lug around heavy and bulky equipment.


With the new technologies customers who have interests in taking self-photos the AI also helps to transforms the photos into masterpieces with advanced light control and facial features recognition.

The Zero 6 smartphone which was launched in March 2019, has also been installed with double capacity pixels which can take in more light for brighter images and produce memory evoking images; making Infinix’ score value of bringing the latest innovative technology to their smartphones.