Free online platform for advertising products opened

Wednesday September 11 2019

By Rosemary Mirondo @mwaikama

Dar es Salaam. Twiga Alfa has opened an online platform dubbed Mobile Duka that now enables large, medium and small entrepreneurs to advertise - and, at the same time, export their products.

The Twiga Alfa chief commercial officer, Mr Mohamed Kamonja, made the revelation during an interview, saying their move augurs well for industrialisation.

According to him, Tanzania has come up with a number of industries; but markets are limited.

He, however, said he was optimistic that the online platform would open doors to businesses and they would now be able to sell their products across the world.

“We are in partnership with the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organisation (Tirdo) that will be empowering the entrepreneurs - especially small ones. Barclays Bank will be a financial partner, and DHL a logistics partner to ensure our products get to markets outside the country,” he said.

Since the industrialisation drive kicked off in 2015, Tanzania is on the threshold of becoming a semi-industrialised, middle-income economy as envisaged in its National Development Vision-2025.


According to him, since the government launched its agenda for industrialisation, there are numerous products in the market, but for small holder entrepreneurs, they are yet to understand how to export their products.

He said when they came up with the idea, they approached a number of large, medium and small businesses, and a majority of them have accepted to export their products via the Mobile Duka facility.

He noted that, so far, the largest business that is currently using the platform is Chai Bora. Others include spice companies in Zanzibar - which are in high demand - as well as manufacturers of beads, batik clothing, and organic.

Expounding on how the platform works, he said they enter into a contract with the producer of a given product which is then uploaded online via Mobile Duka, thus enables the product to be viewed all over the world.