EDITORIAL: There’s more at stake than heading to Ikulu

Friday November 14 2014


By The Citizen

The outcome of a recent Twaweza survey has generated great interest. The section that drew the most attention focused on how politicians allied to CCM and the Opposition would fare as presidential aspirants ahead of the 2015 General Election.

This is understandable, to a certain extent. Whoever becomes president will be the principal driver of our national affairs, carrying on from  President Jakaya Kikwete would have left.

What matters most is who has what it takes to tackle problems as and when they arise and come up with creative ways to drive us forward. Charisma may be a good thing, but it is not necessarily essential.

Beyond who becomes what after the 2015 polls, wananchi should keep their eyes glued to the performance of ongoing social and economic plans and projects—along with the ones on the drawing board, which have a crucial bearing on their livelihoods.

These include the Big Results Now projects worth $10 billion (over Sh16 trillion) that cover railways, roads, energy, agriculture and developing human resources.

The government has embarked on a drive to market these sectors to potential investors.  The project profiling meeting held in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday is a significant curtain—raiser.


We hope that, under the Public-Private Partnership arrangement, the enterprise will succeed. A word of caution, though:  Bureaucracy, ineptitude and corruption have slowed down or ruined many projects that have great potential.

We must avoid these and other distractions. Tanzanians would be the net losers in an outcome involving withdrawal of funding prompted by loss of investor confidence.   Political games are fine. But they do not, on their own, promote social welfare and economic development that enhances  happiness and livelihoods.

What does is effective implementation of viable  plans and projects by competent, dedicated and incorruptible people. Only then can we bask in the glow of national pride that is hard earned and well deserved.