EDITORIAL: Distance to school matters

Monday March 18 2019

Pupils attending schools that are far from their homes are cause for concern. They must wake up early – and return home late.

Even with the availability of alternative means of transport like school and commuter buses, schoolchildren are still not that safe.

Accidents and sexual predators are just a tip of the iceberg, and there is more to this than meets the eye.

According to studies, walking to and from school, or spending hours struggling with wheeled transport, makes pupils overly-tired and – more often than not – lowers their morale and concentration in class. Furthermore, waking up early and returning home late leaves pupils no ample time for revision studies. This no doubt impairs their academic performance.

Indeed, getting children to school is only part of the education battles. But for 10-year-olds, waking up at 4am and getting back home by 6pm at the earliest is an acid test for their educational ambitions. Parents and guardians must play their role in changing this situation to enable their offspring/charges to enjoy their schooling for quality educational results.

Whenever possible, parents should enroll their children in nearby schools. The only alternative to this is to ensure that they provide them with reliable transport to and from school.