EDITORIAL: End child pregnancies

Wednesday October 9 2019

It remains undisputed that education is the key to better life. This means, if our people are to lead a better life in this era of technological advancement, it is crucial to give them quality education.

It is saddening, however, when reports come out that some people engage school girls in the family way making them pregnant.

Just this week, reports from the tour by President John Magufuli in Rukwa Region, showed that hundreds of girls last year had their educational journey cut short because of pregnancies.

The President expressed his deep disappointment over the matter, and strongly spoke against the habit that already jeopardised the future of 229 girls in the region for last year alone.

He ordered security organs to investigate and arrest all those responsible for the pregnancies of school children.

A similar scenario was reported a few years ago in Kongwa District, Dodoma Region. In this case, poverty was cited as being one of the reasons pushing school girls into unhealthy relations with men who don’t only make them pregnant but expose them to sexually transmitted diseases and infections.


These reports could just be the tip of the iceberg. School girl pregnancy is a national problem. Entire society must be involved.

Parents, guardians, leaders at all levels must commit to protecting the girl child. All must play a role to ensure children stay in school and achieve their life goals.