EDITORIAL: Good move: Training for self-employment

Friday December 6 2019

The National Transport Institute (NIT) has established an ‘Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation Centre’ (NIT-EBIC) as an “incubation and mentoring support centre for entrepreneurs among students in higher-learning institutions.”

NIT-EBIC imparts specialized entrepreneurship training designed to help students become self-employed on graduating.

In due course of time, they should/will also be able to create direct and indirect employment opportunities for other Tanzanians.

It so happens that some of the NIT-EBIC course participants were already well-positioned to ably organize and participate in the first Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition.

Held at the NIT premises in Dar es Salaam this week, the Exhibition brought together 50 entrepreneurs from higher learning institutions across Tanzania who shared/exchanged ideas and experiences on how best to encourage innovation as a way of promoting self-employment among our youth.

As noted in The Citizen yesterday, the NIT-EBIC facility aims at equipping students who are still at College with the ability to personally start their own business ventures.


These will save them from the harrowing need to pound street pavements as they haunt offices upon offices in search of elusive salaried employment.

In other words, the NIT-EBIC model aims to ‘emancipate’ (for lack of a better term) students in higher learning institutions from the ‘thinking-in-the-box’ mentality that they are entitled to paid jobs on graduating.

They must develop skills early enough – and change their medieval mindset into one that’s flexible and pro-active enough to stimulate their innate entrepreneurial thinking and acting, converting same into reality on the ground.

At the end of it all, they must ‘walk the NIT-EBIC talk’ out there to finally kill and bury the hydra-headed ‘Joblessness’ monster plaguing society today.

Indeed, we need more ‘NIT-EBICs’ out there, as training for self-employment is a good thing – self-employment being the light at the end of the dark unemployment tunnel.