EDITORIAL: Players registration key

Saturday November 30 2019

The registration window system helps football clubs to update and strengthen their teams that feature in the Mainland-Tanzania Premier League, as well as the First and Second Division Leagues.

Registration time is upon us again for the next League, and club leaders would have spotted player weaknesses in the just-ended league, and are naturally expected to rectify matters at the registration window, ready for the league kick-off on January 4, 2020.

In the first ten matches of the last league, we witnessed some players –including players in foreign clubs – miserably fail to show their prowess despite having been recruited for colossal sums.

The small players’ registration window is also a critical opportunity for club leaders to ‘catch’ believably outstanding players in seeking to strengthen their squads.

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has allowed all premier league clubs to recruit a maximum of seven foreign players to beef up local talent.

However, it is always a major challenge for some clubs that fail to make the right choices of prospective foreign-based players – and end up signing third-rate players who cannot match their performance on the soccer pitch with the value for the money spent on them.