EDITORIAL: Security of Tanzania is Government legal duty

Tuesday February 12 2019

Reports that the youth wing of the ruling political party of the revolution, Chama cha Mapinduzi’ (UV-CCM), has called for Singida East MP Tundu Lissu to be assaulted must be taken most seriously.

Tundu Lissu is a prominent member of the leading opposition political party. He is currently abroad where he was being treated for serious injuries from 16 bullets that were pumped into his body in an assassination attempt in the nation’s political capital Dodoma on September 7, 2017.

As reported in yesterday’s edition of The Citizen, the youth wing of the political opposition ACT-Wazalendo – spearheaded by its national defence coordinator Kudra Garula – has urged a common front among the country’s political opposition parties in protecting their top leaderships against possible assaults by UV-CCM members.

This comes on the heels of a video-clip showing UV-CCM members vowing to assault Mr Tindu Lissu on his arrival back in his motherland Tanzania. An advocate of the Tanzania High Court, Lissu is also a member of Parliament since 2010.

Rightly seeing this as potentially tragic and highly-disruptive of the socio-econo-political harmony and stability, which Tanzania has become world-famous for since independence from alien rule more than 57 years ago, Mr Garula expressed dismay that the country’s security institutions – including the Police Force – have strangely kept quiet in the face of such inciting statements.

We unreservedly believe that maintaining and strengthening the security and safety of Tanzanians of all walks of life is the constitutional and moral duty of the government and its related institutions, not of fractious political parties and the like!

In that regard, the government should revisit the country’s security regime(s) with a view to updating and centralising security for all soonest.