EDITORIAL: Solve and deter Njombe kind of child murders

Tuesday January 29 2019

The brutal killing and mutilating of at least ten children aged between three-and-six years within this month alone in Njombe Region is most shocking indeed.

Call it ‘ritual murder’: the sacrificial slaying of a human as a propitiatory offering to a deity, false or not.

Call it ‘witchcraft,’ the practising of spells and black magic: magic involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes. This is especially when practised on the vulnerable, like children and the more gullible among us.

Call it by any other name – and the killings remain to be the most heinous crime in recent memory to have hit the otherwise safe and stable country that is Tanzania today.

As we narrated yesterday’s issue, some of the murdered children had their throats slit open – with some of their body parts severed, including respiratory and reproductive organs.

This has shocked the Tanzanian community at large, and Njombe Region residents in particular – especially school-going children and their teachers, as well as parents, close relatives, guardians, religious leaders; safety/security officials, human rights activists/custodians and administrative nawabs.


Most likely, the killers are fellow Tanzanians, not aliens from Mars or some such remote place. Indeed, some suspects have been arrested, and we are told that investigations are vigorously ongoing.

But, we also strongly urge the relevant authorities and specialised organs to double and redouble their efforts in ensuring that not only do murders and mutilations of otherwise innocent Tanzanians cease pronto, but also that all the perpetrators are brought to justice soonest.

This would – nay: should – close the book on the most unfortunate brutality on record in Tanzania, act as a deterrent to a repeat, and allow us to move on to better things in life.