EDITORIAL: Support PCCB in war on corruption business

Friday July 5 2019

The leading story in The Citizen yesterday – headlined ‘PCCB’s plan to curb graft in business’ – was on the 5-year strategy by Tanzania’s premier fighter in the war on corruption.

In a rare moment of transparency, the director general of the nation’s Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Diwani Athuman, publicly revealed for the first time the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan to fight corruption in public institutions and the business community.

Speaking at a business forum in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday which was organised by the Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade), Mr Athuman said the strategy involves conducting research to identify the factors which fuel corrupt practices in public offices.

Noting that members of the business community are sometimes forced to engage in corrupt practices, Mr Diwani partly blamed this on flawed policies, laws and operating systems in some public institutions.

This being the case, “we will start with those challenges and come up with possible solutions”, the anti-corruption chief pledged, stressing that the research should enable PCCB “to come up with ways that would help the government to create a conducive and corruption-free environment for businesses”.

There indeed is much more than the foregoing in the PCCB strategy. However, suffice it here to say that all this – coming from the horse’s mouth, so to speak – is confidence-and-assurance creating in business owners/operators and investors alike: extant and prospective investors.


Also, the fact that the PCCB strategy was forthrightly acclaimed by Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service and Good Governance), Mr George Mkuchika, is good news all-round.

Noting that “corruption is a major hurdle to investment and business,” Mr Mkuchika urged relentless redoubling of efforts at surmounting the hydra-headed monster.

We earnestly chorus the clarion call – and urge PCCB support in this from all stakeholders. Our economy sorely needs this.