Let’s diversify tourism

Friday January 10 2014

By The citizen

Tanzania is endowed with many tourist sites, which if well managed, can contribute considerably to the economic growth of this country. Reports indicate that the government is losing billions of shillings each year due to poor management and revenue collection strategies. This means we have abundant wealth, but we don’t know how to manage it well.

Our tourism sector could do with better management to enable the country attract more tourists. We have many historical sites, leave alone national parks, where tourists can view impressive scenery and exotic wildlife and that is the envy of other countries worldwide.

Another thing is that local people do not have much interest in historical sites, national parks and the wild animals and birds that we have. Actually, tourism should not be only for foreigners; it must also be about the locals, the people who need to appreciate what they have and be proud of it. We think the government should push for an increase in cultural tourism, for we believe that when tourists visit our country, they should be able to learn about what we have in terms of our diverse cultures and people.

Local people too can learn from each other’s cultures, languages and ways of life. In this way, we will diversify Tanzania’s tourism, which also means broadening revenue sources and collection strategies.