Open letter to Rosemary Odinga on Olduvai Gorge

Tuesday March 1 2016

Atourist enjoys tyhe view of the Olduvai Gorge,

Atourist enjoys tyhe view of the Olduvai Gorge, located in Ngorongoro District, Arusha Region —in Tanzania! The gorge is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. PHOTO | FILE 

Dear Ms. Rosemary Odinga,
Today, February 28th is my birthday. Last night I asked God for a miraculous birthday present but since it is my birthday and I am allowed to be greedy and ask for more.
Following a post with a video clip I posted on my FB page yesterday, today I will ask for a clarification and maybe get my Olduvai Gorge back - that is if there was a mix up and our Olduvai Gorge happens to be the only one in East Africa.
Earlier yesterday, a friend forwarded me this video clip ... ... where Ms. Rosemary Odinga addressed over 1000 young people at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City on August 18, 2015.  I understand that this was the last event of a series throughout the 10-day International Young Leaders Assembly in Washington, DC, Philadelphia and New York. Hongera sana, Ms Odinga!
But ... in her eloquently articulated speech, she mentioned that Olduvai Gorge is in Kenya. I have always known the gorge to being in Tanzania. In Arusha, for that matter. Or is there another Olduvai Gorge which is coincidentally also the cradle of mankind in Kenya that we do not know about?
Ms Odinga, in your speech you had said and I quote, “the oldest fossil was found in Kenya at a place called Olduvai Gorge and Kenya was the cradle of mankind.”  To be honest I was floored when I heard this, such I thought I should write to you and ask if you could please educate some of us and shed some light on this cradle of mankind that is in Kenya which surprisingly has the same name as ours in our beloved Tanzania, Olduvai Gorge.
While I have direct messaged you on Facebook, it is very possible that you might miss my message. I am guessing being a busy public figure you get buckets full of messages every day. So I thought maybe an open message might reach you faster.  And I would really love to hear from you as I love learning new things.
Since this is an open message, many will read this so I feel I should address something else I have been hearing for a while; that in Kenya, you also have Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater and even the Tanzanite stone.  Just fascinating! Isn't it?  But then again, there is a Swahili saying that says, "duniani wawili wawili" so there is a possibility that there are double gems - with the same names.
While waiting to hear from you, I thought I should do my part and confirm what I had heard, and brush up on my geography lessons, so I reach out to the aid of technology where I have access to information at a click of the button … and so, Ms Odinga’s teacher, Ms Odinga’s old classmates and Ms Odinga, if we are talking about that Olduvai Gorge that is the cradle of mankind, this one is situated in the short grass plains, a little over an hour’s drive west of Ngorongoro Crater, and is in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
But there could be more so I look forward to hearing from you soon ...  and hongera sana once again on the beautifully delivery - and learn some.
From a proud Tanzanian someone.