Stop destructive fishing

Wednesday April 23 2014

By The citizen

Psychologists tell us that man has the inert tendency to self-destruct. You can’t but agree with them when you look at the conduct of some fishermen who engage in dynamite fishing.

One does not need a PhD in environmental science to understand the level of destruction that occurs when this method of catching fish is used, yet the practice is actually on the increase.

The practice is decimating our fish population. Furthermore, it also destroys coral reefs, which are crucial breeding grounds for fish. Which is to say, we have compatriots bent on eradication off fish stock. They do that, yet their lives revolve around fishing!

Damaged coral reefs also make diving dangerous. It means the number of tourists who would visit Tanga with loads of foreign currency just to enjoy scuba diving will avoid stay away. It means, we have compatriots who, because of their misguided desire for easy catch and quick money, are unwittingly ruining tourism industry.

Indeed, a tourist who has been a regular visitor to Tanga for the past 14 years, says out of the seven diving spots that were there ten years ago in region’s coastline, five are gone.

We need to care for our natural resources, for if we don’t, who will? Dynamite fishermen should be viewed as economic saboteurs and be duly penalised.