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  1. Lessons from China: focus on development, innovation, spartanism

    China has urbanized drastically in recent years. In only four decades, China, a country of 1.4 billion people, has achieved a level of urbanization that Western countries took two centuries to...

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  2. Pension funds’ mega projects: What is the role of the contributors in the deals?

    There are cases where Funds enter into loan agreements with potential investors forming some kind of joint venture consortiums, but with the borrower expected to pay back the loan with interest.

  3. Do valuers contribute to growth of ‘bad loans’ in financial institutions?

    The Valuers’ Registration Board (VRB), created under the Valuation and Valuers Registration Act, 2016 (No. 7 of 2016), recently held a successful 3rd Annual General Meeting in Arusha at Lush...

  4. Nyerere Day: ruminating on Mwalimu’s vision on land, poverty and property

    Mwalimu believed in rural land reform but he was quick to point out that “Lto the People” alone, whether this land was owned individually or communally, was inadequate.

  5. New administration, new hope for sustainability in land development

    Any new regime comes with a basket of promises, some made just to win an election, but some being at the heart of the new president, wanting to make an impact on the development of one’s country.

  6. Accommodating old age in modern buildings and urban development

    The composition of the world population has changed dramatically in recent decades.

  7. Intervals between petrol stations: Food for thought

    She was unhappy with this and required that it be changed to at least 500 metres from one petrol station to another.

  8. The rise and rise of marathon competitions in urban areas

    Staging marathons is becoming a regular culture in urban Tanzania, and hardly a month goes by without having a marathon here or there

  9. 20 years of the 20,000 plots project in Dar: A preliminary evaluation

    The government began implementing the 20,000 plots project in the city two decades ago

  10. Mkapa envisaged people using land to bootstrap themselves out of poverty

    On the second anniversary of the demise of President Benjamin William Mkapa, the Mkapa Foundation organised a two-day Symposium in Zanzibar which was closed by Her Excellency, the President of...

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