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  1. Mwele's lasting footprints in science

    The death of renowned Tanzanian scientist and researcher Mwele Malecela, 59, has left many grieving her loss owing to the trail of inspiration she has left and the many lives she touched.

  2. Data privacy under scrutiny amid legal vacuum in Tanzania

    The clamour for a data protection law in Tanzania is increasingly gaining momentum in this digital age, as advocates call for urgent action to protect people’s privacy on the internet and...

  3. Harmful use of tobacco thrives on weak laws in Tanzania

    Tobacco control campaigners said yesterday that the lack of strong laws against smoking in Tanzania continues to allow harmful consumption of the products, reversing the efforts invested in...

  4. Helping to heal invisible scars in refugee camp -VIDEO

    Nduta refugee camp hosts some 127,000 Burundians of which an average of 400 patients seek help for various mental health conditions.

  5. 15 Tanzanians awarded one of UK’s most prestigious scholarships

    Fifteen Tanzanians have been awarded one of the UK’s most prestigious scholarships to study various postgraduate courses at universities/ colleges in the United Kingdom (UK); academic year...

  6. Wondering why your favourite Doc quit the job?

    You feel sick and you say to yourself, “Oh my gosh! It’s time to go to the nearby public hospital and talk to that competent and compassionate doctor I know well and appreciate.”

  7. Citrus industry under threat in East Africa

    A destructive plant-feeding insect of Chinese origin is spreading across Africa and was recently traced in two East African countries: Tanzania and Kenya; where it is potentially jeopardising the...

  8. Tanzania reviews travel advisory amid fears of importing Covid-19 cases

    The government reviewed its advisory on international travel on Wednesday, August 05, 2020 in a deliberate move to accommodate additional measures aimed at curbing the spread of the novel...

  9. New US ambassador to Tanzania arrives in Dar es Salaam

    President John Magufuli yesterday accepted the credentials of the new United States Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Donald J. Wright.

  10. What it takes for Tanzania to eliminate mother-to- child HIV transmission

    Dar es Salaam. It’s race against time as researchers, policymakers and development stakeholders ponder on the 2021 deadline when Tanzania is expected to have attained the set target of...

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