Effective ways to develop healthy emotional traits

Monday April 12 2021
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By Ozz Razak

One of the most difficult ailments that causes abruptness to our daily lives is emotional instability.

This is when we experience any given emotion and we can’t deal with it effectively by knowing and calming the emotion and bringing in sense of resolution to it.

In one day we can go through a roller coaster of emotions, from being happy to being angry, agitated and to being sad.

Our feelings play a critical part in how we choose to operate in our daily dealings with others.

When you are emotionally healthy you are able to deal effectively with your daily feelings, thoughts and behavior.

The human body goes through a lot of changes when it harbors emotional instability and may result in dreadful conditions that may lead to a very serious long term state of paralysis leading to the total collapse of sanity and even death.


What is surprising is the fact that it is not given the full attention it deserves as it is not fully viewed as a health complication with severe outcomes.

Often, emotional distress is not discussed openly rather it is chucked aside to be dealt with by ourselves and in some circles it is seen as a taboo, never to be discussed openly.

Emotional distress is not discreet, as it occurs to all of us including children.

As our lives have gotten busier, we have failed to fully comprehend the effects of “together time” which is important in manifesting healthy ways of communication.

It will aid in coming up with better ways to harness the complications arising from the daily conflicts of children who seem to be affected the most because of the inability and lack of experience required to effectively relinquish emotional tags.

Thus it is significantly imperative for society, through different forums, to redress the calamities of such magnitude.

The best solution is to really introduce counseling in all our schooling, work and government institutions that will shield the population from harboring difficult emotional distress that if left unattended may result in affecting the individual and society at large.

It is unrealistic to expect one to be happy and free of any negative emotions.

Your daily ups and downs are usually dictated by the environment you are in.

Good emotional health can be attained when we all learn to effectively face the emotion head on as this is the best way to eradicate it from our thoughts while addressing it immediately.

It is obvious that some of us need external influence to address deeper emotional issues that have been harbored for quite some time and they need a longer process to address the matter with completion.

What is obvious is the fact that any developed negative emotion needs immediate resolution in order to safeguard oneself from complications that may arise from a disturbed mind.

The side effects of negative emotions are far reaching.

The worst being taking your own life or even killing others as the sufferer has lost any feelings of self-worth or wants immediate revenge to an individual or society for whatever has stricken them.

Thus, it is important for us to see the severity of our actions when we choose to hurt people’s feelings of self-worth which may materialize in far reaching, painful reactions.

The following are steps we all need to take to maintain a healthy relationship with our emotions.

1. We all need to be thoughtful when addressing others.

We all have to put ourselves in the other’s shoes when we are ready to deliver any verdict that will harm and cause distraught.

Being mindful of what your next words are will go a long way in ensuring positive emotional relationships.

2. We have to learn to instantly notice a bad emotion developing; it could be from a stranger, colleague, spouse or boss.

When you learn to notice emotional disturbance and quickly repel the emotion by addressing it, you will have learned the basics of curbing the side effects associated with a lack of action.

Learn to address new negative emotions immediately.

3. It is relevant for all of us to self-assess as to why we react a certain way when being faced with a situation that raises negative reactions.

Any change of behavior to negativity towards others can be corrected by you alone.

What we all have to do is to spend a little more time with ourselves, finding better ways to respond to others even if the negativity stems from other parties.

To know, think and assess your response is the best way to maintain positive emotional health.

Stay strong and be mindful.