The people’s president: a visionary leader

Monday March 29 2021
jpm pic

The late President John Magufuli. Photo|File

By Ozz Razak

The health of a nation singlehandedly relies on the leadership style of its president.

Great leaders exemplify strong traits that usually set the tone of the way a nation is governed. With a single push-up, the Magufuli theme was set.

In most circumstances the word greatness is overemphasized but when you peak at what our beloved president has achieved in a short while you stand to be astonished.

Tanzanians, the sons and daughters of a president who typified resilience, resolute action, direction with a clear roadmap and an uncompromising love for his people and nation, are in shock after their beloved president’s passing.

The man who shook and awed us with his brilliant mindset and beliefs set by his brutally honest assessment of everything that wasn’t, has left us too early.

He stomped his leadership traits, firmly attached to his unwavering belief in God, making sure we were all in his bandwagon that possessed brilliance.


With his presidency, a nation awoke and a sleeping giant strode vehemently towards the hidden trails accompanied by the “hapa kazi tu” theme that embodied the workmanship principles.

With his presidency, the people of Tanzania were granted ground to work on. The extended parameters were carefully laid out so that everybody was given clear access to thrive and be part of the moving force that we have come to love.

Our president epitomized everything that was spoken by him; he made sure his strides resembled his words.

He carefully projected the new Tanzania to all of us and dared to transform his vision to make it ours.

His unwavering belief was that our beloved country was wealthy and capable of not only self-reliance but also to exceed and excel the norm.

The vision put forth has so far been heralded and has put us in a position of strength with firm beliefs of a future transcending all expectations.

With his presidency we have been able to renegotiate a favourable status with many of the colonial agreements that have chocked our nation out of its natural resources.

He made sure we understood the value and worth of what our country produced and possessed.

The entrapment by many foreign corporations to illegally steal our wealth was easily recognized and efforts were made to thwart the behaviours of such foreign companies, who for decades have manipulated our nation out of her personal wealth with damning contracts. The president restored parity.

With his presidency, the lives of millions of Tanzanians who lived below poverty lines were transformed.

First and foremost he introduced free education to all Tanzanians to make sure that the right to an education is handed to every child of our nation.

This single move by itself brought a lot of people to realize that we are being led by a revolutionary who has set his mind on changing for a better the future for his people no matter your circumstances or background.

He argued forthright the implications of not educating his people. His was a firm belief that every child should be given the right to education.

With his presidency, he made sure the health of our people is in good hands.

He personally advocated the construction of many hospitals and health institutions to serve and provide the proper health care to his citizens.

He would further make sure that the service rendered met his standards. At last hospital care was free, the president announced.

With his presidency, he created the “machinga” force. Every able Tanzanian was given the outright chance to stake his business throughout the nation with the nominal fee of only twenty thousand shillings.

A new machinga force was created to give the disillusioned the opportunity to be their own breadwinners as well as become active participants to the overall economic growth.

This was our president at his finest, granting every soul the chance to create his or her storyline.

With his presidency, he surpassed our expectations, moulding in every Tanzanian soul, the firm belief that all options are on the table and our successes will depend on our work rate.

Examples of his presidency are seen all over the country and inside people’s hearts, now more so than ever.

Our nation grieves but we have been graced by the force of God in President Magufuli.

We now know that we are capable of much more if we firmly believe and continue on the path set by him.

He came; he proposed; he transformed. We have all been tagged by the president.

Rest in peace your Excellency, you have earned your place among the immortals.

You will always be revered amongst us.