Tirdo unveils new drug to heal respiratory problems

Tuesday July 13 2021
Buyegi pic
By Gadiosa Lamtey

Dar es Salaam. As the fight against Covid-19 gathers momentum, the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organisation (Tirdo) has developed a drug - known as ‘Buyegi’ - which can treat conditions related to respiration.

A person just needs three drops of Buyegi and steaming to heal a number of respiratory diseases.

The traditional medicine has been proven by the National Institute for Medical Research that it is safe for human consumption.

Speaking yesterday at the 45th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), Mr Bahati John from the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organisation (Tirdo), said the volatile oil product was made from eucalyptus and mint oil.

“This drug heals people with breathing problems within a short time,” he said, adding for the medicine to work, a person can drink it in tea or water.

He added: “If a person has a headache and muscles pains, he/she can rub it on top and he/she will recover soon.”


People, who took the drops, said the drug had an immediate effect.

When some of them inhaled the volatile oil, they said they got an almost instant breathing relief.

“It’s not a game, this thing if you just move it around the nose tears come out,” said Roma Juma, a resident of Kimara who visited the booth.

According to her, she had been suffering from frequent flu and coughs, but since taking the drug, she feels better.

“By the time I got here I had all the symptoms of the flu because it was dusty enough, I was given this medicine and I tried to just move it around my nose for a few seconds and I felt better immediately,” she said.