A mother’s treasure is her own daughter

Saturday January 23 2021
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By Neelam Babul

Title: Things I tell my Daughter (‘Nasaha Kwa Binti Yangu’) by Mwamvita Makamba

Genre: Non-fiction: Motivational.

Something you liked about it

I love writing down quotes that motivate and inspire me. I have a whole collection of quotes saved on my phone and in a notebook. Mwamvita Makamba has carved out well her personal message to her daughter in Things I Tell My Daughter, a highly motivational book that is full of quotes which are messages or guidelines that the author has written for the greater purpose of fostering a healthy mother/daughter relationship.


An interesting aspect of the book, is that the messages or quotes are written in English - and these are translated into Swahili. The book contains simple artistic depictions as well - which add to its allure.

The book in summary

Things I Tell My Daughter serves as a tribute to the author’s daughter. There are messages on love, kindness, belief in oneself, belief in God - and, most of all: guidelines on how the author wishes her daughter to live her life.

Despite being written for her daughter, every reader can draw inspiration from the book. Every parent will find something of value to teach their children. I believe adult readers will also learn and be motivated to lead their lives best by understanding the message being conveyed in the book.

In essence, the book is not just for the author’s daughter but for everyone. This is undoubtedly one of those books which never fail to inspire regardless of the time and era. Throughout the time I was reading it, the quotes resonated with me. I had to take snapshots of most of the quotes, write them down so I could refer to them again and again. It has such impactful words, echoing what my mother always taught and wanted for me as a child - and which she continues to do!

If there is any book I would want my mother - and also my friends - to read, it would be this one. It is the perfect read for the new year, too.

What would you say to persuade a friend to read it?

I earnestly encourage people to read this book.

It is such a powerful read, presented in such a simplistic yet poignant manner, that everyone will find value in reading it. It is like having a conversation with a person who wants the best in life for everyone. It is the perfect way of motivating oneself in beginning a new year on a positive note.

Summarize it in one sentence...

‘Rays of inspiration for living souls.’

What feedback would you give the author?

I have never met the author in person. However, I have this deep desire to meet her - and hug her! I would want to tell her how the message in the book touched my soul and mind.

I am looking forward to reading more from this author - and, in the meantime, I wish her the best in life.