Bongo artistes to start getting 70pc royalties for their music

Friday September 17 2021
Roya pic
By Ramson Ismail

The long artistes’ cry about getting a piece of the pie from their works has come to an end as the government revealed that artistes will start receiving royalties from their songs beginning December this year.

Going the Kenyan way, Bongo artistes will get a 70 percent of the royalties while the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) will get 30 percent.

The 30 percent share is to help COSOTA in its efforts to collect royalties. Taxpayers will be able to pay for the music through the website .

Bongo flava Music Video Director Deo Abel gave a thumbs-up for government’s noble decision, saying it would create a sense of competition in the music industry.

“If the artiste wants more money, he/she would have to make saleable music to attract more listeners,” says Abel.

Rapper Stamina - who plans to release his album soon - said the royalties are warmly welcome since their works have been used without them getting any benefit apart from shows and digital streams.


“Respect for, and value of, our music will now be seen. Getting 70 percent is a big progress for our artistic works” says Stamina.