Great seeing local content thriving on tv

Friday January 08 2021
By Mpoki Thomson

We truly are living in different times in Tanzania’s film industry. Today, local content made by Tanzanian producers and other creatives is given the attention and deserved respect. But this didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of effort and toiling to find the perfect doorway for creative works to be seen by a wider audience not only in Tanzania but a large part of the African continent.

This past week we saw a local movie ‘Nyara: The Kidnapping’ premiere at the Mlimani Century Cinema Hall, it is such kind of milestones we want to see more of in the entertainment industry.

I think it is by popular demand that we ought to embrace our own productions.

However, as the fans try to support local content, the directors and producers should pull their own weight by giving us a reason to flock to the cinema halls or to tune in to a certain station that televises local content.

For many years part of the problem which saw the local film industry take a downward spiral is the lack of good quality content to attract the audience. If the audience isn’t enticed by what they see then there is no reason for them to even think about showing up at premieres or watching local shows on television.

I hope that the newfound energy in the film industry isn’t a fleeting adrenaline rush but a long-term devotion to producing quality content which resonates with the audience.