Groove and funky at the firefly saturday night Vibe

Friday June 04 2021
Groove pic

Nelson Amazing PHOTO | FILE

By Diana Elinam

Partying in the same place can be boredom at times, especially in a city like Dar, where everyone knows everyone and limits one from whole heartedly turning up and having a good time without feeling like someone is watching.

At times an escape from the city is the best way out, especially if it’s inexpensive and does not inquire one to travel a long distance. The Beat brings to you one of the coolest Saturday night vibe events that is slightly on the outskirts of Dar; Bagamoyo, an extension of a much older town.

The Saturday Night Vibe is a live music and mixed arts event which happens every Saturday night at firefly Bagamoyo. The event usually has musicians such as legend Msafiri Zawose, accompanied by one invited guest as other performers from around Bagamoyo are also welcomed to showcase their different talents and get a platform to perfect their skills and as well build a fan base.

The poem reading moments always include different poets; poems are usually in both English and Kiswahili and some romantic, some on serious matters such as mental health and some romantic. Usually during the poem reading time, the poet chooses from various aspects to support the moment; some poets choose silence and total darkness, some read with a background of relaxing music and some prefer candle lights or total lights.

Msafiri Zawose, a Zaga musician, says “The Saturday night vibe is one not to miss because the event brings out great singers and the ones who are in the game and new ones who are equaled talented and have new things to show.”

Msafiri adds that the stage brings different musicians together to experiment in different genres of music, we get a chance to interact, exchange ideas and even plan for the future.


Saturday night live usually hosts talents from all over, preferably traditional type music with live instruments, however, they are always interested in hearing different interpretations of life in music. Artist Jhikolabwino Manyika, a reggae artiste who usually performs in the event, says, “Being an artist from Bagamoyo, I am glad to see we now have a platform where we can meet, catch up, have fun and draw inspiration from each other”.

The beat also spoke to Jay Gordon, one of the attendees who shared his experience, saying, “This is the start of a jam session, and anything can happen. There are so many talented local musicians and you never know who is there on the night. So, it’s always a surprise event”.

Saturday nights, the vibe heats up. Live music starts at around 8pm and begins with a showcase consisting of guest artistes from Dar es Salaam or with local artistes performing largely acoustic material to get you in the mood.

The energy builds from the first few songs and before you know it, there is a party going on. The artists all take their turn performing in what feels like an organic manner, respectfully giving each other space and support. Guests are treated to a wide variety of musical genres ranging from traditional folk music, soul, hip hop, poetry and everything in between. James Gayo who was also a guest there said “The name of the event fits the event properly, there is always a vibe on the air, usually the evening starts out being a very smooth and relaxing and then ends up to a full-blown dancing party where everyone feels comfortable joining in. It is a regular Saturday night event that is in no way regular”.

The Saturday night vibe team did not fail to extend their gratitude to Msafiri Zawose who usually runs the event, singer Jhikoman a well-known Reggae artiste, who is captivating and is also from Bagamoyo and Richie Lumambo – A fast up and coming singer song writer who is said to be part of the foundational fabric of this event evolution.

It is a paid event, costs only Sh5000 entry and for the guests in the hotel the ticket is covered by their room. The night involves various flavors of artistes both locally and abroad. Each night is unique, some are quiet and intimate, some lots of dancing and jamming.