Jbwai embarks on a tour, talks music success

Friday January 15 2021
Jbwai pic

African music is definitely getting elevated each passing year. And this is further exemplified by Cameroonian-Canadian singer Michael Baiye, popular as ‘Jbwai.’ The artiste, always relentless is back and better than ever as seen in his new song “Busybody”. A viral sensation, Jbawi combines his love for his home country and modern beats that will have everyone jamming. Even the East African crowd hasn’t missed out on this trendy and catchy song as they continue to embrace this bright star ready to take on the music world by storm.

“Busybody”, is an instant smash hit with a perfect electric feel that has got everyone grooving nonstop. The song is a direct attribute to one of today’s most popular sayings “stay in your own lane”. Busybody maintains a lyrical prowess that is matched by none, while still managing to keep the Jbwai style, a style that is becoming a fan favourite intact. It is from this authenticity and uniqueness that he has managed to maintain a legion of fans who’re always ready and willing to dance to his tunes.

Four years ago, Jbwai decided it was time to buckle up and begin his music career full throttle, and he hasn’t looked back since.

His lyrical wisdom and hard-hitting beats are not only a predilection among music lovers, but they’ve also inspired other young artistes in Africa and beyond to follow in his footsteps. He then embarked on a tour to connect more with his fans. This nearly sold-out tour has proven the immense power of his music and how dedication and hard work can completely change your life.

Never forgetting where he comes from, Jbwai has maintain close ties with his people back home, especially the young generation who are inspired by his musical success. He is a role model to young Cameroonian men as well as an inspiration to those who have migrated to Canada to make a better life for themselves.

His influence has transcended the boundaries of music as he continues to become a beacon of hope for artistes who are just starting out in the industry.


About Jbwai

From childhood Jbwai has always loved music and also took an interest in IT.

His desire for a better life gave him the courage to move to Canada to pursue music and education, despite the fear and complicated process that was ahead of him.

Jbwai’s fearless point of view comes from his mom and the artiste cites his upbringing as the secret to his success today.