Why Harmonize forced to cancel his Canada and Sweden tour

Friday September 24 2021
Harmo pic

Bongo music star and Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize has been forced to cancel his planned Canada and Sweden tour due to Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings in the two countries.

Konde Boy had been scheduled to perform in Canada on October 30 and in Sweden on November 6, but both shows have been called off.

“Blood people in Canada & Sweden & so sorry to tell you that I’m not going to make it for our current schedule date due to Covid-19 restrictions. So, I will update all my beautiful loyal fans asap on the new tour dates to everybody who got the ticket ready. Trust me, I will be there in God’s plan Inshallah so yeeeeessss promotas in the USA it’s now time ...!!! Let’s fill up the available dates check with my guy @dj.storm6 let’s go Las Vegas 24/9/ New York 1/10/ la 9/10/boise idaho 15/10 minissota 22/10 and more ...!” said Harmonize.

However, despite the cancellation, Harmonize’s manager, Mjerumani, assured their fans in Europe and Canada to keep their tickets as they will announce new dates soon.

“Canada & Europe due to Covid-19 restrictions, we won’t be able to make it this time, we will keep you posted for the new dates!!!! Vegas 23/09/21. For Canada & Europe, we will update new dates after we hear from the responsible source. So, keep your tickets as it might not take longer, it depends ” she said.

Currently, Harmonize is on tour of the United States of America, with his signee Ibraah, doing shows in different States.


The two left Tanzania on September 3, kicking off their tour of Ohio and Huston on September 4 and 5. The shows attracted a small number of revellers who turned up to be entertained by the artistes.

“My people in the USA we got my brother Chinga, ibraah_tz special one the King of new school coming with me on my tour yooo....!!!! We star Ohio 4/9/ then 5/9/ Huston. Get your ticket now check my brother dj.storm6 [email protected] Let’s do this tonight” shared Harmonize on September 2, 2021.