The stirring of the beauty industry and its effect

Tuesday September 28 2021
Beauty pic
By Ozz Razak

The ever growing beauty products industry is causing such a stir within those seeking to self-improve and those who are adamant about the end results and the negative results from those using such products.

Self-care has captured such attention in recent years resulting in the production of multibillion dollar commodities with rivalry emerging over which product is better.

We have seen a rise from hair implants for men to whitening skin care products and hips enlargement procedures.

Beauty enhancement is the biggest emerging trend with big opportunities for all those companies that have invested heavily on these products and procedures.

The need to quench this demand is causing a lot of companies to hasten the production process and be the first to deliver and fulfil the market niche.

The end result then becomes production of beauty products well below acceptable standards. What is surprising is the fact that the majority of the users are willing to sacrifice their so health for the glory of being called beautiful and enhanced regardless of the health consequences that might erupt momentarily or in the near future.


This trend has made many clandestine companies forsake standard procedures of production in favour of quick fixes in order to oblige to the needs.

The obvious results of such haste for a consumer is the emerging health issues arising from simple skin disorders to cancerous ailments which kill many people.

We also have procedures performed to enhance body parts such breasts for women, chest shape for men, buttocks enlargement for both sexes and even weight loss procedures performed to extract extra fat from certain areas of the body.

These procedures are all unhealthy and go against every rule that is fundamentally set as a guide to premier health.

These trends have all emerged because of the thirst by many to maintain youthfulness a bit longer as they age. Unfortunately and truthfully the misguided notion of such belief has massive implications to the health of the population both physically and mentally.

We have noticed the confidence of many young and older individuals decline due to the belief that they need to use the over marketed products to achieve self-beauty which will go a long way to bridging their inadequate need to being presentable.

Why we should not be using these self-enhancing beauty products

The use of different substances in beauty products ranging from skin, body, hair and nails have been in existence for centuries on.

The only difference is that those ancient products were all naturally blended while the ones sold these days are not natural and include strong preservatives and additives.

These manipulated products are enhanced to supposedly improve on the quality through additional additives such as preservatives, stabilizers, mineral pigments, dye and shine.

Additionally some of these products may also have allergy-inducing, irritating and harmful effects on human health, thus adding debilitating abnormal body growth.

Body enhancing surgeries

This is definitely the new phenomenon that is gripping most societies today. The main culprit that is driving the bigger chunk of the world to seek surgery as a way to improve their body features is fashion and how it is portrayed to the masses as being the ideal look.

The amount of time people spend on their cellphones browsing different social media outlets is amazing. For instance posts from Brazil are instantly seen by a teenager from Tanzania and immediately the wheels of wanting to look like the Brazilian start to grip girls to assess their bodies and look for ways to change.

Such daily social media experiences and interactions push many to look for cheaper ways to get themselves to look the part by purchasing online products that are of poor quality and make impossible claims. This all adds up to health issues arising which lead to a complete breakdown in confidence for those who see imperfection in themselves.

Furthermore, many who have financial stability spend ridiculous amounts of money to get surgery done on themselves just to get a desired body part enhanced. At the moment, people are rushing to many sub-par clinics to get their stomachs tied up and reduce stomach fat.

This is one of the worst procedures if not done by properly qualified surgeons at well-established medical institutions.

Overall, the hunger to continuously seek for better ways to look younger, prettier and more beautiful using products that claim eternal youth will continue as the world gets smaller and super engaged.

What needs to be addressed to counter these super freakish claims is abundance of medical knowledge to notify extensively the prevalent dangers that bring many to believe otherwise.