Why it is time we all need to start weight training

Monday May 31 2021
weight gain pic
By Ozz Razak

Most of us nowadays have come to understand the importance of getting ample time to exercise and maintain a certain level of fitness which usually goes a long way in keeping us protected from ailments that are associated with an inactive lifestyle.

The awareness is exemplified by the amount of gymnasiums popping up all over our cities.

The gym life has seen a rise in popularity within the mainstream population with a majority of people attending at least three times a week.

The emergence of these fitness centers correlates directly with the rise of unhealthy lifestyles which have been directly linked to drinking and eating an overly carnivorous diet with over reliance on fatty and starchy foods.

Hospitals have been forced to open fitness labs in order to measure the levels of their patients’ fitness wellbeing.

What I find fascinating though is that most of today’s scientific literature has failed to subscribe weight bearing exercises as a way to maintain optimal health.


The basis of weight training resides in the fact that ageing takes a bigger toll on muscle loss than previously documented.

The prospects of keeping your body’s youthfulness resides primarily on working out with weights. The fear that is being translated by most people especially women is that doing exercises using weights would translate into building a bigger frame and that is not true at all.

It is important for all of us to engage in activities that provide resistance training as a way to keep our muscles engaged.

When you maintain a certain level of muscular appearance you naturally provide your bone structure the extra protection and cushion it so desperately needs.

This applies to both sexes but more so in women than men; as women tend to hold more body fat and lose muscle tone quicker than their male counterparts.

Essentially women are oestrogen driven while men are boosted by the ever empowering testosterone and this gives the men the edge in muscle retention.

As we have moved further away from agricultural work life to more service based lifestyle with technological revolution being the new norm, we have witnessed an emerging population that is overweight with muscular deficiency.

The adopted new economic based lifestyle has created a new wave of unhealthy citizens who spend more time glancing at their computers than engaging in physical activities.

Our forefathers had farming as a way of creating economic empowerment as well as feeding their bodies with the right healthy home foods and maintaining a physical structure through farming. These past practices were all linked up in such a way that they can govern their health appropriately.

The new lifestyle we have embraced has been debilitating to our overall health. We have embraced a less physical approach to attending to our everyday chores and thus sacrificed our wellbeing considerably.

Nowadays, technology has been handed the burden of most of our daily physical activities which were instrumental in keeping our physique in peak form.

A good example would be of a person who would leave home early morning in a car, then use the elevator to get into his office and proceed to work for eight hours on a computer while ordering fast, unhealthily prepared food to curb the hunger pangs of the day.

Realistically, such a lifestyle will ultimately lead to a painful destruction of your health, wealth, and happiness.

To reverse such future effects, you need to engage in an exercise program that has resistance training modelled in.

What is of concern to the few who have embraced the needed culture of resistance training is the lack of a specific diet to support the muscles engaged. The type of food you consume has to be supportive of the culture of weight training.

You need to consume a good fair amount of the so called body building foods in order to give your exhausted muscles a fair chance of growth.

As a rule of thumb, 0.5 grams of protein for every pound of body is required to be consistently consumed throughout the day in order to keep your muscles regularly supplemented.

The role of food in maintaining a healthy youthful look is massively important.

For better comprehension, you need to get advised by a nutritionist or a registered dietitian on what food type you should consume daily in order to reap the full rewards of your training.

Weight bearing exercises are critical in also suppressing diabetes from developing into degenerative condition.

When you exercise daily you tend to fire up your metabolism and that will go a long way in getting your food to move quicker through the digestive system than otherwise.

With the presence of muscles, your body will need to consume the extra carbohydrates that might not have been used if a person was inactive, lacking a more muscular structure.

To live healthy is to move aggressively