1000 locked out as Necta hits at exam result cheats

Monday November 23 2020
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The Executive Secretary of National Examination Council of Tanzania, Dr Charles Msonde, speaks when announcing Standard Seven results in Dar es Salaam. photo | file

By Jacob Mosenda

Dar es Salaam. Cheating in the 2020 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) has cost the future of more than 1,000 students after the National Examination Council of Tanzania (Necta) yesterday announced the cancellation of results in 38 schools involved in the fraud.

Announcing the results yesterday, the council’s executive secretary, Dr Charles Msonde, said that despite the examinations committee fulfilling their responsibilities well, there were a few instances of exam fraud in some schools.

“A total of 38 schools, equivalent to 0.22 percent of all 17,329 primary schools that took the exams, have been found to have cheated in various ways.

He said in those schools at least 1,059 candidates, which is equivalent to 0.1 percent of all 1,023,950 registered for the 2020 exams were found to have cheated..

Dr Msonde said the schools committed various offences including stealing exams, distributing answers to students which resulted in all of them writing the same answers.

“This group will not get another chance of re-sitting the exam and it should serve as a lesson for  others who plan to do the same… We will not allow them to use those methods to get results,” he insisted.


Dr Msonde used the opportunity to warn Form Four students who are set to take their exams to avoid cheating and also not to accept any answers from anyone, noting that it may lead to costing their entire academic trajectory.

The council warned head teachers of primary and secondary schools as well as all examination administrators in the country not to engage in any form of fraud.

“The examination board has received a number of suspicious reports about plans underway by some schools to cheat in the forthcoming  Form Four 2020 exams,” he said.

Education experts take
Dr Thomas Jabir, an educational consultant told The Citizen that the action taken by the examination council against those involved in cheating was important and that it would improve honesty as well as performance in schools.

“Sometimes these kind of fraudsters think that nothing will happen to them. So it seems they were used to it, let these few be held accountable so that it can be a lesson for many who are busy planning these malpractices,” he said.

He said although it was a blow to parents especially those who were not involved in pushing for the fraud, more such steps should still be taken to make students resist pressure from their teachers leading to cheating.

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A psychologist based in Dodoma, Dr Veronica Deus said there was a need for students who have their exams cancelled to be helped because they were psychologically affected with the outcome.

She also asked that the group be allowed to repeat the class because they will have rehabilitated themselves. “Of course cheating is not appropriate and I commend the council for that step. But also psychologically these students should be helped and if possible given a second chance to repeat the class to achieve their dreams,” she advised. She said many children are being deceived by their teachers without knowing it and thus suggested that instead, the perpetrators should be held accountable as an example to others.

“Allow students to repeat the class, as the action will have already changed them. But, teachers and all others involved should be punished,” she opined.

Schools identified to commit cheating  include Ngiloli, Nguyami, Ibuti, Ihenje, Bwawani, Mogohigwa, Chakwale, Msingisi and Msingisi Primary schools in Gairo municipal Council.
Others are Mafiri, Kibogoji, Ng’wambe, Digalama, Dihinda from Mvomero municipal council and Nyawa A primary schools located in Bariadi Rural Council (Simiyu).

Other schools are in Chabutwa Municipal Council in Tabora Region including Chabutwa Primary School, and Usagari Primary School.

Also Siashimbwe Primary School located in Moshi-Kilimanjaro Region, Dominion Arusha, Matogoro of Tandahimba – Mtwara, Ng’arita of Bariadi , Olkitikiti Kiteto located in Manyara and Nyamimina Buchosa in Mwanza Region.