CCM endorses aspirants for positions of Council Mayors

Saturday November 21 2020

CCM chairman John Magufuli (far left) leads party’s central committee meeting in Dodoma yesterday. photo | state house

Dar es Salaam. The CCM Central Committee (CC) has passed the names of eight members aspiring for the City Council and Municipal Council mayoral positions across the country in the ongoing intra-party processes.

The eight cadres will have no opponents when the CCM committee of councillors convenes to pick one candidate who will face candidates from the opposition slated for Monday and Tuesday next week.

The CC also instructed seven District Councils located in six regions, as well as two Town Councils, to repeat the intra-party processes over what was described as strengthening and broadening internal democracy.

The ruling party also has issued the calendar showing representatives of the United Republic Parliament and the House of Representatives in the CCM National Executive Council (NEC) will be known on April 3, next year.

Addressing journalists at the CCM Lumumba offices yesterday, the party’s ideology and publicity secretary, Humphrey Polepole, said amended party regulations enabled endorsement by the CC during its meeting held in Dodoma on Thursday.

“The government disburses significant amount of funds to councils for implementation of development projects. We are supposed to have strong and dedicated leaders who prioritise interests of citizens instead of personal interests,” he said.


He said during the meeting, members who will be voted to stand for chairperson-ship in 137 District Councils and 22 Town Councilorship were also approved.

According to him, Prof Davis Mwamfupe aspiring for the Dodoma City Council (DCC) mayoral has been approved as the only candidate who will face representatives of opposition parties in the city. Those who await opposition rivals and names of municipal councils in brackets are; Ernest Ndamo (Kigamboni-Dar es Salaam); Omar Kumbilamoto (Ilala-Dar es Salaam); David Mkulila (Shinyanga); Godson Gipson (Bukoba-Kagera); Renatus Mulunga (Ilemela-Mwanza) and Haidary Sumri (Mpanda-Katavi).

He named mayoral candidates who will have to be voted and respective name of the city councils in brackets as; Mariam Lulida, Adnan Konda, Omary Matulanga (Dar es Salaam) and Maximilian Irankre, Prosper Msofe and Isaya Doita (Arusha).

Others are Sima Constantine, Biku Kotecha and Edith Mudogo (Mwanza); Doro Rahmat, Daniel Mwaibindi and Daud Ngogo (Mbeya) as well as Abdulrahman Shiloo, Said Rashid and Ahmed Mwinjaga (Tanga).

Those who will have to be voted in order to stand for the municipal mayoral positions and respective municipalities in brackets are; Esther Ndoha and Jafar Nyaigesha (Ubungo); Leonard Manyama, Songoro Mnyonge and Manifred Lyoto (Kinondoni) as well as Juma Mkenga and Abdallah Mtinika (Temeke).

“Frank Magai, Juma Mpendakulya and Seleman Laus (Lindi); Michael Mbano, Issa Mkwawa and Osmund Kapinga (Songea); Alphonce Kulwa, Ramadhani Kapela and Mhamali Yahya (Tabora) and Haroun Seleman, Lameck Mlaponi and Shedida Ndile (Mikindani-Mtwara),” he said.

According to him, others are Justine Malisawa, Frank Bulondo and Charles Chapewa (Sumbawanga-Rukwa); Jackson Chaula, Ibrahim Mwangwada and Thadeus Tenga (Iringa) and Baraka Lipoli, Sharon Mashanya and Mussa Ibrahim (KigomaUjiji-Kigoma).

Other cadres are Yagi Kyaratu, Gwai Mbua and Kipande Ipini (Singida); Jumbula Lugola and William Gumbo (Musoma-Mara) as well as Pascal Kihanga, Seif Chomoka and Hamis Ndwata (Morogoro).

Furthermore, he said Kilolo and Mufindi (Iringa); Mpanda (Rukwa); Mtwara (Mtwara); Njombe (Njombe); Nyasa (Ruvuma) and Msalala (Shinyanga) were the DCs that will repeat intra-party processes in the party’s efforts to broaden democracy and participation of more members.

The exercise will also be carried out in Geita and Nzega Town Councils in Geita and Tabora regions respectively over similar reasons.

During the event, Mr Polepole read names of candidates who will be voted to stand for the party for chairpersonship in 137 DCs and 22 TCs, Mr Daudi Kisangure; Willy Nyamtinga and Peter Wanzagi Nyerere who will seek members’ blessings in Butiama DC.

A total of 950 CCM councillors sought nomination to stand for the four positions including nine for city council mayoral posts; 150 for municipal mayoral in 20 municipalities; 682 and 109 seeking to represent the party in the DCs and TCs chairmanship elections.

“Between November 23 and November 24, the CCM councillors committees will vote for one member who for mayoral, DC and TC chairmanship against candidates from the opposition,” he said.

Furthermore, he said April 3, 2021, a committee of CCM parliamentarians in the Union Parliament and the House of Representatives will vote for their representatives in the party’s NEC.

“The voting will come after the CC nomination slated for March 27, 2021 after receiving proposals from the NEC secretariat scheduled for March 25, next year. March 23, 2021 NEC special committee for Zanzibar will meet to evaluate the process.

He said the process will commence on February 2, 2021 and will be concluded on February 8 next year.


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