Chadema top brass meets to discuss ‘rebels’

Friday November 27 2020
Chadema pic

BAVICHA National chairman, John Pambalu speak to journalist in Dar es Salaam yesterday. PHOTO|SAID KHAMIS .

Dar es Salaam. Political heat is mounting as the opposition Chadema party is expected to decide the fate of its 19 members whose swearing-in as MPs is disputed by the party.

The 19 female members were ‘nominated’ by the National Electoral Commission (Nec) for special seats and were subsequently sworn-in as lawmakers by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Job Ndugai, on Tuesday.

But Chadema - which refused to accept the official results of the October 28 presidential election - said it had not submitted any names of Special Seats to Nec for the nomination.

“Under legal procedures, anyone who wants to be nominated for special seats should fill in special forms and get approval from their respective political party. I have not approved any form for the special seats,” said Chadema secretary general John Mnyika at a press briefing on Wednesday.

As a result, Mr Mnyika said, the party’s central committee would hold an emergency meeting today to discuss the issue which raises questions over who could was behind the nomination.

The MPs whom majority are members of the party’s female wing (Bawacha) were summoned for hearing during the Chadema’s central committee emergency meeting Friday.


Chadema officially became second in the presidential election results and qualified for the 19 special seats in the Parliament.

However, the party said had not submitted to Nec the names of candidates to fill the seats as it also maintained that the elections were fraudulent and marred by violence.

Some of the sworn-in MPs refused to comment on the development, but promised to speak “at the right time.” Others confirmed to receive the party summon and said would obey to the call.

Party wings speak out

Chadema Youth Council Bavicha said yesterday it supports the party’s decision on the matter.

Bavicha chairman John Pambalu said the sworn-in special seats MPs went against Chadema rules that openly limited every Chadema member to engage in parliamentary activities after the 2020 general election results.

“We stand by the committee decision to summon the appointed special seats MPs and listen to them like the principle of natural justice requires,” he said in a press conference.

“The party committee decided not to get involved in the parliamentary activities after 2020 election results, in any way. These a few members went against,” said Mr Pambalu.

He revealed that Bavicha conducted a four-hour zoom meeting on Wednesday to discuss the fate of all the 19 members sworn-in as special seats MPs the party feel embarrassed by the move.

Mr Pambalu urges Nec to expose the person who sent to them the names of the special seats MPs.

He said the youth wing is advising Chadema Central Committee to take serious disciplinary action on the appointed special seats MPs.

“We expect the Committee to punish the so-called special seats appointees for what they have done to Chadema and Tanzanians who support the party,” said Mr Pambalu.

The chairpersons for Chadema women wing in Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Ruvuma regions condemned the swearing-in of the 19 members saying it violated the party principles.


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