Necta releases Standard VII results, performance goes up

Monday November 23 2020
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By Jacob Mosenda

Dar es Salaam. A total of 833,672 out of 1,008,307 candidates (82.68 percent) who sat their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)  this year have passed, the National Examinations Council (Necta) announced yesterday.

According to the council, the candidates scored 100 marks or more out of the 250 marks with 430,755 being girls (equivalent to 82.24 percent) and 402,917 boys ( 83.15 percent).

Also, comparing this year’s performance with that of 2019 where the successful candidates were 81.50 percent, there is an increase in pass rate of 1.18 percent, according to Necta.

This year, a total of 1, 023, 950 primary school candidates were registered to take the exam including 530, 692 girls (51.83 percent) and 493, 258 boys (48.17 percent).

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Among them, the candidates with special needs were 2, 943.


Announcing the results yesterday, the council’s executive secretary, Dr Charles Msonde said 1,009, 586 candidates, which is equivalent to 98.60 percent of those registered, sat the exam. Of these, 524, 456 were girls (98.82 percent), and boys were 485, 130 (98.35 percent).

“At least 14,364 candidates (1.40 percent) did not take the exam due to various reasons, including absenteeism and illness. Among them 6,236 were girls and 8, 128 boys,” said Dr Msonde.

Dr Msonde also said the results showed that performance in Kiswahili, English Language and Social Studies had increased by between 0.43 and 5.10 percent compared to 2019. However, he said in Mathematics and Science, the performance had dropped slightly by 0.33 percent and 0.65 percent respectively compared to 2019.


NAME                                     SCHOOL                       REGION


GREGORY ALPHONCE       TWIBHOKI                      MARA

NYAMBINA NYAMBINA     RAIYAKI                         MARA


JONAS AYUBU                    LITTLE FLOWER           MARA



PROSPER TUMBO             GOD’S BRIDGE              MBEYA

YESAYA BEBDERA             GOD’S BRIDGE             MBEYA

MASHANA MABAO           TWIBHOKI                    MARA

“Candidates have excelled in Kiswahili subject whose pass rate is 87.68 percent, while the subject which they passed with the lowest level compared to other subjects is English Language with a pass rate of 57.24 percent,” explained Dr Msonde.

Cheating cases
Dr Msonde said despite the exam committees fulfilling their role well, there were a few instances of exam fraud in some schools in the country. While others received the results, the council said that a total of 38 schools equivalent to 0.22 percent of all 17, 329 primary schools that took the exam, were found to cheating  in various ways.

He said in those schools at least 1,059 candidates, which is equivalent to 0.1 percent of all 1, 023, 950 who took the exam, were found to have cheated in the exam. Dr Msonde said the candidates would not get another chance to repeat the exam.

“These groups will not get another chance of re-sitting  the exam and this should serve as a lesson for others who plan  to do the same… We will not allow them to use those methods to pass exams, “he insisted.

Top performers
The council announced Herriet Japhet Josephat, a pupil from Graiyaki Primary School in Mara Region, as the overall performer in the 2020 exam. Harriet was the only girl among the top 10 candidates nationally, as announced by the council. “These best national candidates are the ones who have scored more marks than their peers in the five subjects, where there is also an analysis of the top 10 girls, and the top 10 boys,” said the Necta’s executive secretary.

He named the runner-up as Huma Masala Huma from Kwema Modern Primary School in Shinyanga and the third place went to Gregory Mtete Alphonce from Twibhoki Primary School in Mara.
Dr Msonde named Nyambina Musa Nyambina from Graiyaki Primary School in Mara as fourth.

Others with their schools in brackets who took the fifth to 10th positions respectively were: Andrew Elias Mabula (Kwema Morden Primary School-Shinganya), Jonas Nyamataga Ayubu (Little Flower-Mara), Emmanuel Kashinje Paul (Kwema Morden-Shinyanga), Emmanuel Peter Marwa (Kwema Morden-Shinyanga), Prosper Aspenas Tumbo (God’s Bridge-Mbeya) and Isaiah Mnkondo Bendera (God’s Bridge Primary School--Mbeya).