Relief as MV Victoria starts services again

Thursday October 14 2021
Victoria PIC
By Mgongo Kaitira

Mwanza. Acting Chief Engineer of Tanzania Maritime Services Company Limited (MSCL) Abel Gwanafyo said yesterday that the repair and inspection of the New Mv Victoria ‘Hapa Kazi Tu’ has been completed at a cost of Sh9 million.

The ship suspended its service on September 21, 2021 to give space for Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (Tasac) to conduct its regular inspections as it is often done to every vessel after operating for one year.

Speaking to the press in Mwanza Mr Gwanafyo hinted that the renovations carried out went parallel with inspections of the ship’s crew, painting in damaged areas, testing and installing new fire extinguishers, testing buoys and improving food service and drinks. “Following the completion of the renovation and inspection, Tasac has issued a certification for the ship today (Yesterday) to indicate that the ship is eligible to provide services for one more year,” said Mr Gwanafyo.

MSCL Public Relations and Communications Officer, Abdullahman Salim said that in order to regain its customers after the ship ceased its operations and now the return of the ship’s voyages, the company will issue 22 tickets by lottery to their customers.

“Eleven customers will receive free travel tickets from Mwanza to Bukoba and 11 others from Bukoba back to Mwanza will also receive the tickets using the same technique,” said Mr Salim adding: “We have also hired a female musician to give a back up to the male artist who was entertaining our customers,” Entrepreneurs at Custom centre near Mwanza North Port where the ship sails applauded the return of the ship saying that it will help traders.

A food vendor at the Custom center, Pili Alli said that soon after the ship stopped to operate their business was not running well making it hard to finish food they were cooking for a day.


She said that before the ship stopped its operations she was getting between 20 and 30 food customers a day while after the ship stopped its operations she was getting less than 15 customers a day.