Six to hang to death over murders of 17 members of the same family

Saturday January 16 2021

Six people sentenced to hang until dead after being convicted of murdering 17 members of the same family in Musoma in 2010 react at High Court in Musoma yesterday. PHOTO | BELDINA NYAKEKE

By Beldina Nyakeke

Musoma. The High Court in Musoma Zone has sentenced six accused persons out of nine to death by hanging after finding them guilty of murdering 17 members of the same family.

The convicts sentenced to death by hanging are namely Juma Mgaya, Aloyce Nyakumu,Nyakangara Biraso, Marwa Mgaya, Wambura and Sadock.

They were jointly accused of participating in the killings, whose cause was vengeance.

Earlier, in the case no. 56 of 2018, the accused were jointly charged at the High Court for allegedly participating in the killings of 17 people from the same family in 2010.

They were charged that they took part in the shocking murders that occurred on the eve of February 16, 2010 in the area of Mungaranjabo in Musoma Municipality.

Meting out the death sentence by hanging yesterday against the accused in the High Court chamber in Musoma Town, the court’s judge, Mustapha Siyani, told the accused that the court was satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, with evidence produced against them by the Prosecutions.


However, Judge Siyani acquitted the other three accused persons, Magigi Magigi, Kumbata Buruai and Ngoso Ngoso after the court had satisfied itself that they were not guilty of the charges they were facing.

The judge told the court that due to the evidence and exhibits tendered in court, the six convicts had the deliberate intention of killing their victims following various injuries found on their bodies including serious wounds on the heads, necks and the backs.